A Vegas Vacation Guide for First-Timers

Are you planning a vacation to Las Vegas?


Great choice! You are about to have that awesome feeling 41 million other visitors experienced. You’ll be sure to enjoy its exquisite restaurants, tacky casinos, entertaining shows, great shopping malls, numerous attractions, and Las Vegas cars, with various options for every budget. To have the most of your stay in Vegas, there are some things you should know about the city.

Five things you should know before visiting Vegas:

1. Places are not as close as they may seem:
Although buildings in Vegas seem close together, the blocks are actually long. It will surprise you the distance you’ll have to walk if you are moving on foot. To move more comfortably in this city, here are some tips for you:
• Always plan beforehand
• Put on shoes that are comfortable to walk in
• If possible, walk through hotels that are air-conditioned
• Use a car to your destination
• Make use of the Vegas Monorail

2. Book the best hotel on your budget:                                                                          The best location your hotel should be is in the center of the city because it will make your movement more convenient. Also, consider the facilities in the hotel before making your selection; facilities such as pool, entertainment, and restaurants.

3. Avoid buying drinks in the casino:
If you feel like playing table games, slots or video poker, don’t buy cocktails at the bar in the casino beforehand, wait for the waitress to approach you first. The casinos usually offer free drinks in an attempt to keep you gambling; even though you might have to wait longer for it, but this will save you some money.


4. Plan your visit:
As it is with every new city you visit, you have to first get familiar with the surrounding before you get the most out of that place. Once you check into your hotel room, walk around a bit and note where the important places such as restaurants, vending machines, seating areas, and restrooms are.

5. Things are not as expensive as they seem:
Most first-timers think that Vegas is an expensive city to visit. But with a little research, you’ll find many ways to save money on everything. Here are some easy tips to save money while visiting Vegas:
• Get maximum discounts while booking your hotel room
• Find discounts on tours
• Use some explorer pages to save money while visiting top attractions
• Get discounts on restaurants, shows, food and drinks

Looking for some adventure? You can find all that in Las Vegas. While here, there are many things to do; make sure you explore the city and get the best out of it. There are several Las Vegas car rental services available to aid your movement around the city; pick one that will best suit your needs.